Lugg Meadow

Lugg Meadow is one of the most important surviving Lammas Meadows in the UK.


Ledbury Road

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SO 527 411
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36 hectares

Walking trails

Access over Upper Lugg Meadow is unrestricted but do not walk in the growing hay between late April and July. In winter, the whole area may be flooded to a depth of over 1m. for long periods, and access becomes impossible or distinctly dangerous. Take care when walking near the river as there are vertical cliffs along its banks.


Please contact the reserve for details on wheelchair accessibility. 


No dogs permitted

When to visit

Opening times

The meadow is open access land.

Best time to visit

Spring and Summer

About the reserve

Upper & Lower Lugg meadows are unique, being living survivors of a land tenure and farming economy system that has disappeared elsewhere. Dating back to the time before the Domesday Book, Lugg Meadow is one of the most important surviving Lammas Meadow (common meadows opened for communal grazing on Lammas Day, the 1st August) in the UK. Ownership of the meadow is still divided, though in medieval times this would have been between dozens of owners with the land doled out in strips, today these have become amalgamated and a handful of different owners own largish parcels of the land. Over 20 grass species are recorded here as well as a variety of herbaceous plants. Two special plants found here are the snake's head fritillary and the  narrow-leaved water dropwort - both nationally scarce. Lugg Meadow is part of the Lower Lugg Valley Living Landscape, a wetland landscape rich in wildlife.

Found at the far north end of Lugg Meadows Reserve is Lugg Mills Island, a four hectare island formed by the confluence of the River Lugg and Little Lugg. Partly flooded over in winter, this riverine habitat supports a range of species. The unpolluted river supports a healthy otter population and over 120 species of river plants are present.

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Herefordshire Wildlife Trust
Contact number: 01432 356872

Environmental designation

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)