Planting Black Poplars

Planting Native Black Poplars

Support our native black poplars

Our Kington Branch Chairman, Tony Norman, is also a member of the North West Herefordshire Tree Wardens group. For a number of years they have been running a project, recording and expanding the population of Native Black Poplars (NBP) - the rarest timber tree in the UK.

Tony has available rooted NBP cuttings in pots (male and female) and also NBP truncheons (large cuttings)

Each plant comes with a free (reused) 1.2 metre Tubex tree guard (but no stake).

A small donation £2/£3 for each tree is encouraged to go towards the project.

If you are interested please contact Tony directly:

A pollarded poplar at the edge of a field

Tony selecting shoots from a black poplar pollard for 'truncheons'.