Training events & resources

Ice Age Ponds: Training Events and Resources

Surveying for Medicinal Leech

Presentation from Anne carter from the Freshwater Habitats Trust, July 2021

Conserving Herefordshire's Ice Age Ponds: Aspects of the Geology by Ian Fairchild

Identifying Aquatic Invertebrates

This training session was delivered on 26th March 2021.

An Introduction to Pond Plants

This training session was delivered by project ecologist Giles King-Salter on 19th March 2021

Identifying Amphibians Training

This session was delivered by Will Watson on Friday 12th March.

This talk was originally produced as part of a National Lottery Heritage Fund funded Freshwater Habitats Trust PondNet project. The original presentation is hosted:

Ice Age Ponds Survey Form Training

Walking Survey