Join Team Wilder

Join Team Wilder

Creating a Wilder Herefordshire together

All across the country people are working to help nature recover and we are all a part of this recovery. If just 1 in 4 of us start taking action for nature then we can start to bring nature back from the brink. Already so many of us are helping nature and wildlife at home and in our communities and we want to celebrate what is already being done!

Do you have a wildflower patch in your garden? Or maybe you have made a hedgehog highway with your neighbours, or planted pollinator friendly flowers in your window box? If you have done any of these things, or anything else to help natures recovery then add yourselves to our Wilder Actions map! It's amazing to see what is being achieved right across the county.

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How can you take action for nature?

Every action counts, big or small. Below are some suggestions of things you can do at home. You don't need lots of land or even a garden to take action for nature. For more ideas click on some of the actions on the map to see what people around the county are doing.