Verging On Wild: an update

An update from the Verging On Wild group.

Verging on Wild have been getting on with management work on our Roadside Verge Nature Reserves (RVNRs). We are out working to cut and rake our ‘hay meadow’ grassland reserves and we are going out in twos and threes in line with lockdown rules and social distancing.

Wide verge, in winter, with man mowing; hedge to the left.

Winter management at Old Gore RVNR (c) VOW

There is an RVNR on the A449 at Old Gore between Much Marcle and Ross on Wye. It is a fragment of calcareous grassland with a mass of meadow flowers including common spotted orchid, devil's bit scabious, fairy flax and meadow vetchling. 

Bumblebee on purple round flower head

Bumblebee on devil's-bit scabious (c) VOW

Wide verge with person in hi-vis top raking piles of leaves and grass

RVNR management at Old Gore, Herefordshire (c) VOW

We cut it one Saturday morning with a team of two people (one household). And in the afternoon a second team took over, also two people, one household, and raked up the cuttings into a few piles at the back of the reserve. The Old Gore reserve is now all set for spring.

There are still a few RVNRs left to cut. It has been a challenge to get the work done this autumn and winter, but we are nearly there.

Long grasses with purple flowers among them, a hedgerow behind

Devil's-bit scabious in flower at Old Gore RVNR (c) VOW

Many thanks to all our volunteers!