Pond Week 2022

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Welcome to the first ever Pond Week!

We'll be sharing information on all our favourite pond wildlife, how to pond dip, how to build your own pond and where to go visit a pond. We'd love to hear about your favourite ponds too! 

We'll be on Facebook: @Herefordshirewt on Twitter: @HerefordshireWT on Instagram: @HerefordshireWildlifeTrust and on email! enquiries@herefordshirewt.co.uk

Illustration of a toad

Common toad (c) Mike Hughes

Ponds for All

Download this fabulous free booklet from Wild About Gardens to get started on learning all about the watery world of ponds and pondlife above and below the surface.

Click here to view & download

Sturts East pond in Waterloo field

Sturts East pond in Waterloo field

Ice Age Ponds

In Herefordshire we have some ponds that are just a bit special - they were created during the last Ice Age... and still exist today!

Find out more about our project to conserve Herefordshire's Ice Age Ponds

Create a Pond - big or small!

Below are guides to creating ponds at home. If you are planning to create a larger pond or have a large pond that you plan to restore and would like some advice, as an individual or as a community group, please get in touch with Sarah King at s.king@herefordshirewt.co.uk .

Pond Life

Watery Walks

Your Ponds

Herefordshire's pond lovers share their favourite ponds...