Objecting to planning applications

In general terms, everyone needs to follow a few basic guidelines as listed below. For more detailed guidance, please download the full guidance PDF:

  • If you are following the points raised in a model letter, it is best if possible to put these in your own words, rather than copying and signing the model letter
  •  If you want to object to an application use the actual words ‘I/we object’
  • It is best to keep your letter factual and avoid emotive language
  • The best approach is to ensure that most of the points you raise are what the planners would term ‘material considerations’
  • The best way to do this is to cross reference your comments to relevant Herefordshire Council planning policies (see below for more info)
  • Once you have demonstrated this, tell the planners that since that your points a, b and c are clearly contrary to Herefordshire Council policy x, y and z, the planners should recommend refusal of the application
  • Ask to be informed if the planners decide to recommend granting consent, and/or if the planning committee grants consent (to give you longer to consider if/how to appeal)
  • Since most planning decisions are made by the Councillors – you need to copy your letter to your local Councillors, asking them to turn the application down (even if the planning officers have recommended granting consent)

Objecting to planning applications: guidance notes