Moths at Birches Farm

Moths galore at Birches Farm Nature Reserve

Volunteers from the Kington branch group have been moth trapping at Birches Farm this summer - with fantastic results! It's great to see this range of species at the reserve. With many thanks to Sarah Cadwallader, David Griffiths and Tony Norman.

Results of moth trapping at Birches Farm 02-03/07/20

Trap in Great Meadow SO 29621 53721.  Records verified by Vice County recorder

Scoparia pyralella                             Meadow Grey

Xestia Triangulum                            Double-square spot

Agapeta hamana                              Common Yellow Conch

Eana incanana                                 Bluebell Shade

Chrysoteuchia culmella                  Garden Grass-veneer

Cnephasia stephensiana                Grey Tortrix

Cnephasia sp

Hoplodrina blanda                           Rustic

Mythimna farrago                            Clay

Abrostola tripartite                          Spectacle

Leucania comma                              Shoulder-striped Wainscot

Idea aversata                                     Riband wave

Laothoe populi                                  Poplar Hawk-moth

Alcis repandata muraria                Mottled Beauty

Campaea margaritaria                    Light Emerald

Agrotis exclamationis                     Heart and Dart

Arctia caja                                           Garden Tiger

Eupithecia pulchellata                    Foxglove Pug

Ochropleura plecta                          Flame Shoulder

Euthrix potatoria                              Drinker

Mesapamea secalis agg.                Common Rustic agg.

Eilema lurideola                                Common Footman

Lomaspilis marginata                      Clouded Border

Euphyia biangulata                          Cloaked Carpet

Phalera bucephala                           Buff Tip

Cleorodes lichenaria                       Brussels Lace

Gandaritis pyraliata                         Barred Straw