Local Organisations and Partners

Bonkers on Botany

Herefordshire based botany group leading informal botany rambles. Find them, and their upcoming events, on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bonkers-on-Botany/1523931367886910

Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Team

Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Team (HART) is dedicated to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in Herefordshire. Herefordshire Wildlife Trust have worked on may conservation projects in partnership with HART, most recently What's That Snake? which ran from 2008 - 2010 and the Ponds and Newts Heritage Network Project 2012 – 2014. We are now collaborating on new project for 2015: Pooling Together – Reviving the Wetland Landscape. This project aims to revive the pond landscape across 850 hectares of North-East Herefordshire by restoring 19 ponds on Bromyard Downs, the National Trust’s Brockhampton Estate and Bringsty Common.
Tel: 01531 636033.
Website: www.herefordhart.org

Herefordshire Barn Owl Group

The Herefordshire Barn Owl Group is a voluntary group working to increase the breeding populations of 3 species of raptor in Herefordshire. The Barn Owl, Little Owl and Kestrel have all suffered declines in recent years.
Website: www.herefordshirebarnowlgroup.btck.co.uk


Herefordshire Fungus Group

Mike Stroud.
Email: mikestroud1@btinternet.com
Website: www.herefordfungi.org


Herefordshire Ornithological Club (HOC)

Tom Weale
Tel. 01886 821368
Email: weale@tinyworld.co.uk
Website: www.herefordshirebirds.org


Herefordshire Greenlinks

Greenlinks is a business community developing a vibrant local economy in the context of rising fuel and related costs, climate change and recession. Its members co-operate to support each other, improve environmental performance, share best practice and provide a joined-up picture of a sustainable local economy and community.
Elaine Brook. Tel: 0845 458 4718.
Email: info@herefordshiregreenlinks.info
Website: www.herefordshiregreenlinks.info


Herefordshire Mammal Group

HMG (formerly HAM) is dedicated to the conservation of mammals in Herefordshire.
Website: ham.btck.co.uk


Herefordshire Meadows Network

Herefordshire Meadows Network is an informal network for meadow owners managing and conserving grassland. Founded in 2015, they organise visits for their members to meadows in Herefordshire to share ideas and discuss management techniques that enhance meadows for wildlife and livestock. Contact: caroline.hanks@farming4wildlife.co.uk


Herefordshire Biological Records Centre

HBRC is a not-for-profit service which collects, collates, manages and disseminates information relating to wildlife, wildlife sites and habitats within Herefordshire.
Tel: 01432 260500
Email: hbrc@herefordshire.gov.uk

Herefordshire Rural Hub

Herefordshire Rural Hub keeps farming and rural businesses in Herefordshire up-to-date with the things that matter.


Tel: 01432 268428 |
Email: admin@herefordshireruralhub.co.uk

Herefordshire Tree Forum

The Herefordshire Tree Forum is made up of organisations and individuals from the private, state and third sectors, working in partnership towards the common aim of increasing and protecting the tree cover and green infrastructure within and around the city, towns and villages of Herefordshire.


Herefordshire and the Wye Valley

Web site of The Association for the Promotion of Herefordshire. Features links to attractions, events and accommodation.
Website: www.visitherefordshire.co.uk/


Malvern Hills AONB

Website: www.malvernhillsaonb.org.uk


Malvern Hills Conservators

Website: www.malvernhills.org.uk


National Trust in Herefordshire

Details of properties and events in Herefordshire.
Website: www.nationaltrust.org.uk


New Leaf

New Leaf is a small not-for-profit co-operative & exempt charity working in Herefordshire. We work with people around the county to develop ways of saving energy and living more sustainably. 
Email: hello@herefordshirenewleaf.org.uk
Website: www.herefordshirenewleaf.org.uk

The Wye & Usk Foundation (WUF)

WUF is a registered charity concerned with ecology and, more specifically, restoring the habitat, water quality and fisheries of the rivers Wye and Usk. 
Tel: 01874 711714
Email: admin@wyeuskfoundation.org

Wye Valley AONB

Website: www.wyevalleyaonb.org.uk