The Charmer Apple Juice 750ml

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Pure, unadulterated, Merton Charm, grown near the Black Mountains in the first juice orchard we adopted, back in 2012. The orchard was in a very poor state, with many trees cankered and at risk of dying. Purely by applying excellent pruning practice the orchard is now in splendid health and extremely productive – no sprays, no chemicals, no water (except a few drops of sweat!) Merton Charm has thick, waxy skin, which is where the most aromatic compounds are produced. Not many people realise quite how important scent is when eating an apple – this is from the skin, right beneath your nose. The thickness of Merton Charm’s skin means the juice is packed with aromatics, developed by proper ripening in storage and producing a well-balanced, rich juice, with acidity at the start and finish, bridging the rich, appley main course. A tad sweet for some but there is no closer experience to eating a perfect apple!

Orchard Origins is a trading name of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, and exists in order to improve people’s mental wellbeing through traditional orchard management. Along with our volunteers, we manage orchards across the county with the aim of benefitting wildlife and people. We truly believe our juice is the best you can buy – for flavour, for people, and for wildlife.



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