WildPlay essentials

WildPlay recommend the following to ensure your child's WildPlay experience is a fun as possible:

Make sure you wear old clothes for WildPlay as we like to get messy!

If advertised activities are particularly messy or wet, bring a spare set of clothes and a plastic bag to put dirty ones in.

Filled in shoes are recommended, especially if we are playing in fields or woodlands.

If there is a river or stream on site bring wellies or wet shoes so that you can have a paddle.

If it's hot make sure you have suncream on.

If it's cold dress up warm - we play outside whatever the weather.

We don't provide drinks or snacks so if you think you might get peckish, bring something with you.


WildPlay is based at Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and creates playful opportunities for children across Herefordshire to explore nature outdoors.


"WildPlay is good for children to learn how to play kindly. We made mud pies for the parents and cooked popcorn on a fire, lots of crafts. When people don't have time to play, they can come to WildPlay. Everyone should do it because it reminds you of the fun of play!"
Sophia, age 6

I'm sure if we all think back to our own childhoods we have memories of our encounters with nature.

I used to spend hours trying to build a rabbit warren for myself only for the mound of earth to cave in when I started getting anywhere!

It was amazing what I found on my way though!

It's this sort of childhood encounter that contributes to a life long interest and love of nature. Children’s opportunities to play and explore in nature have been reduced through a variety of physical and social factors, which include fear of traffic and strangers and poor spaces for outdoor play.

Children also tend to spend their time in a different ways. Much of their free time is spent with technological babysitters like computers and television, or in after school clubs and holiday play schemes.

This is where WildPlay comes in. We feel that it's important that children have formative, positive experiences with nature in order for them to grow up to be adults with a love for, and wish to care for the natural environment.









For more information on WildPlay, contact Katrina Preston on 01432 530088 or email k.preston@herefordshirewt.co.uk.

You can also check out our Where We Play map to find out where to play wild with WildPlay!


Wild Child: endangered species?

Video directed by Kevin Burden and produced by Alan Pleass from Back to the Planet for Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

Where we play

The interactive map below shows the locations where we play. Click on a pin to find out more about each location.


"If you want to have fun and get messy, WildPlay's the one for you! There are many activities at each session, all of them using nature as the main heart of it. Mud kitchens, den building, bug hunting and natural paints are a few that I really enjoyed over the years.
WildPlay is important for children to get stuck in and enjoy the Great Outdoors. It helps keep children away from gadgets and encourages playing outside."

Libby Williams, age 11