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  • Rare moth proves an exciting find on Bromyard Downs Common

    Monday 1st June, 2015

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  • New Partnership Project to revive historic ponds across the Bromyard Plateau given go-ahead after winning Biffa Award and Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

    Tuesday 19th May, 2015

    Herefordshire Wildlife Trust has partnered with the Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Trust to begin a new project: Pooling Together – Reviving the Wetland Landscape. The project aims to revive the pond landscape across 850 hectares of North-East Herefordshire by restoring 19 ponds on Bromyard Downs, the National Trust’s Brockhampton Estate and Bringsty Common. HWT and HART have an excellent track record of working together to deliver conservation projects, most recently What's That Snake? which ran from 2008 - 2010 and the Ponds and Newts Heritage Network Project 2012 – 2014.

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  • Get ready for 30 Days Wild!

    Wednesday 6th May, 2015

    This June, we are challenging you to get outdoors and do something wild every day, for 30 days.

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  • Aylestone Hill Proposed Development - inquiry date imminent

    Monday 20th April, 2015

    An update following our previous news item of 26th February ...

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  • Bromyard Downs secures a bright future thanks to Lottery grant

    Tuesday 7th April, 2015

    The future of wildlife on the Bromyard Downs looks bright as an initiative awarded £165,550 by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) is set to transform the landscape.

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  • Your opinion sought - Queenswood and Bodenham Lake transfer

    Wednesday 1st April, 2015

    Local organisations Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and New Leaf Sustainable Development Ltd have completed three days of direct consultation with communities close to the popular Queenswood Country Park and Bodenham Lake.

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  • Herefordshire’s Daffodils need your help!

    Monday 30th March, 2015

    With spring upon us, we’re inviting everyone to act as nature detectives to discover where our wild daffodils grow in the iconic Woolhope Dome. You can help Nature Trainees monitor the iconic Woolhope Dome Landscape by learning how to identify the plants and submit your records. As citizen scientists you will be supporting nature conversation for this idyllic landscape.

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  • Consultation Events for plans for Queenswood and Bodenham

    Wednesday 11th March, 2015

    Community consultation events begin this week

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  • Herefordshire Wildlife Trust has objected to a planning application by Bovis Homes to build 135 new houses on a site behind Aylestone Hill

    Thursday 26th February, 2015

    Herefordshire Wildlife Trust has objected to a planning application by Bovis Homes to build 135 new houses on a site behind Aylestone Hill on the eastern edge of the city, which overlooks Lugg Meadow – a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The lower end of the proposed site lies within 20 metres of the SSSI boundary. The application was refused by Hereford Council, but Bovis Homes have lodged an appeal and the application will now be determined at public enquiry, set for 28th April 2015.

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  • Queenswood and Bodenham Lake to be safeguarded by Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

    Tuesday 17th February, 2015

    Queenswood Arboretum/ Jo Dainty

    Herefordshire Wildlife Trust have formed a partnership to safeguard the long-term future of iconic beauty spots Queenswood and Bodenham Lake.

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