WildPlay is run by Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and creates playful opportunities for children across Herefordshire to explore nature outdoors.

I am sure if we all think back to our own childhood’s we have memories of our encounters with nature. I used to spend hours trying to build a rabbit warren for myself only for the mound of earth to cave in when I started getting anywhere! It was amazing what I found on my way though!

It is this sort of childhood encounter that contributes to a life long interest and love of nature. Children’s opportunities to play and explore in nature have been reduced through a variety of physical and social factors, which include fear of traffic and strangers and poor spaces for outdoor play.

Children also tend to spend their time in a different ways. Much of their free time is spent with technological babysitters like computers and television or in after school clubs and holiday play schemes.

This is where WildPlay comes in. We feel that it is important that children have formative, positive experiences with nature in order for them to grow up to be adults with a love for, and wish to care for the natural environment.

Wild Child: endangered species?



Video directed by Kevin Burden and produced by Alan Pleass frm Back to the Planet for Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

WildPlay offers:

Environmental play activities for children and families.
Environmental play training for adults and young people
Exciting activities for you to do with children, find them on this site or on our Facebook page
Volunteering opportunities for young people (over the age of 14 years) as Mini Rangers, and adults who would like to work with children.

To find out more, go to the WildPlay website or follow us on Facebook




WildPlay was a finalist in The National Lottery Good Causes Awards 2016