Book and/or Collectibles Research Assistant Volunteer (Ledbury Charity Shop)

Location: Herefordshire Wildlife Trust Ledbury Shop, The Homend 4, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1BT
An eclectic mix of treasures are donated to our shop every day. We are looking for volunteers to help whittle these out and research the value of them. If you have an interest in either books, collectibles or both then we would love to hear from you.

Position details




Any Day



Contact details

Annderley Hill, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers are vital to all our work including membership recruitment, management of reserves, project work, administration engagement and retail.  In particular Research Assistants are vital for helping us to get the most value out of our donations and raise the funds that support our work.

Main tasks:

  1. Sort incoming donations of books and/or collectibles identifying those which are likely to sell and have a higher potential value 
  2. Research the value of books and/or collectibles
  3. To assist in the visual merchandising of the books and/or collectibles in the shop and produce description labels to promote the sale of these higher value items
  4. To assist in the sale of these valuable items through online platforms, for example eBay/Facebook/Amazon (although this is not a necessary requirement)
  5. Identifying and creating relationships with other buyers for these goods, e./org. antique and book dealers, museums, etc.
  6. To assist in ensuring that health and safety processes are followed, and general maintenance issues are reported
  7. To promote public understanding of the work Herefordshire Wildlife Trust delivers and the importance of raising funds through the shop
  8. Carry out other tasks as required

Skills/Qualities Needed

Book and/or Collectible Research Assistants are key to increasing the value of our donations. 

  • Good research skills and have attention to detail
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Confident using the internet for research (and online sales were applicable)
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a diverse team, take direction and contribute positively to the overall running of the shop


The Book and/or Collectible Research Assistant’s role provides contact with a wide range of people from the community and offers satisfaction from knowing that you are helping us to get the best value from donations to raise funds and make a big contribution to the county’s conservation.


Book and Collectible Research Assistant’s will receive an Induction to the Trust and will be provided with all training required for the role.


Book and/or Collectible Research Assistant’s may claim their travel expenses incurred travelling to and from their volunteering duties and any training sessions, with authorisation from the Shop Manager.


Book and/or Collectible Research Assistant’s may have access to sensitive information including individuals personal contact information and are expected to respect confidentiality, exercise discretion and not comment on sensitive issues.