My Wild Winter

My Wild Winter

Our fantastic Engagement staff and volunteers have put together some nature-themed crafts and activities for all ages to keep you busy this winter! 

Simply click on each activity below for downloadable versions or to watch the videos!

The Wildlife Trust's My Wild Winter guide

Download this super booklet full of activities to do and wildlife watching tips!

Nature Tots: Bark Rubbing

Hannah heads to the woods to look at bark and leaves before heading home to create woodland crafts.


Nature Tots: Ice Pictures

Hannah's in her garden making ice pictures. This is a great activity to do when you know it's going to be frosty overnight!

Nature Tots: Journey Sticks

Hannah shows how to make a journey stick to create a wonderful reminder of walks and adventures!

Wildlife Watch: Feed the Birds

How to make a pine cone bird feeder plus what birds can you spot?


Nature Tots: Mud Pies

Hannah Dunn shows how to make super squelchy mud pies - and decorate them!

Ideal for younger children.