Kington's Playful Landscapes

Bringing generations together for the love of Kington!


“The landscape around Kington is very special to the local community and we want to help people of all ages discover more about it and share their knowledge and experience.” Jo Dainty, Project Leader

A new and exciting partnership was formed in autumn 2016 with Herefordshire’s Campaign to Protect Rural England (HCPRE) and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust’s WildPlay initiative.

Following discussions on how to encourage children to play outdoors and a reminiscence of William Hoskins’s ‘The Making of the English Landscape’, a firm plan was made to test a new approach to introducing children and families in Kington to the wonders of the landscape surrounding this beautiful market town.

Thank you to Herefordshire Foundation, Kington United Charities, Kington Town Council, Hergest Fund, Tesco Bags of Help, HCPRE and Big Lottery for all their support for this project.

Film: Kington's Playful Landscapes


A Catcher Media presentation for The Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and Herefordshire Campaign for Rural England

Big thanks to Campaign to Protect Rural England (Herefordshire) for inspiring and funding this project and Awards for All, Kington United Charities, Hergest Fund, John Morgan Fund, Kington Town Council and Staff and Yr 5 & 6 pupils from Kington Primary School

Archive images courtesy of Kington Museum

Music ‘Buddy’, ‘Ukulele’, ‘Acoustic Breeze’ and ‘Sweet’!!!!! by CC BY ND 3.0

Made by Rick & Julia Goldsmith for Catcher Media CIC

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Leaflet: Explore Kington - click to download