Reserves Guides

Our Nature Reserves Guide and individual Nature Reserve leaflets are available from Lower House Farm.


Nature Reserves Guide

A comprehensive guide to all of the Trusts' nature reserves. Features include: 

  • Each reserve has an updated description, visitor guidelines, management, and location and reserve maps.
  • Loose-leaf format in a spiral ring binder, allowing details of new reserves to be easily inserted.
  • Full colour photographs and maps.
  • Key reserves, such as Lugg Meadow, Crow Meadow and The Sturts, have expanded descriptions and extra photographs.
  • A brief introduction to the major habitats and geology of the county.
  • A brief history of reserves acquisition and a glossary of terms.

Our Nature Reserves Guide is exclusive to members and comes free as part of each membership. For more about becoming a member, go to our Membership Page.

Reserve leaflets

The Trust has a wide range of leaflets covering many of its reserves, including:

Brilley Green Dingle, Christopher Cadbury, Clay Vallets Wood, Common Hill, Crow Wood & Meadow, Davis Meadow, Ernle Gilbert, Hampton Meadow, Holywell Dingle, King Arthur's Cave, Lea and Pagets Wood, Leeping Stocks, Lugg Meadow, Miners Rest, Nupend Wood, Quebb Corner Meadow, The Sturts, Titley Pool, Upper Welson Marsh, Waterloo, Wessington Pasture, White Rocks, Woodside.

These are available free from Lower House Farm